How to Bypass CGNAT - Exposing your home server to the internet with TLS/SSL pass through

07 October 2023 | Linux Guide, Privacy, Self-hosting

You've set up a home server, and are hosting some services like Vaultwarden, or Jellyfin, or perhaps Nextcloud. But now, you want to share it with friends and family, or maybe you just need the ability to access it remotely. So, you decided to expose it to the internet, but your ISP does not let you do that. Issues like dynamic IP can be resolved using a service like Duck DNS or No-IP, but if your ISP does not let you forward your ports, then you have to rely on third-parties to forward your traffic.

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Anuj Kaushik

During my journey of learning about self-hosting, I became increasingly aware of the privacy issues in our society. As a result, I've been removing proprietary software, services and hardware from my life. On my blog, I share tutorials, guides and configurations for others looking to do the same.

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