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How to Bypass CGNAT - Exposing your home server to the internet with TLS/SSL pass through

07 October 2023 | Linux Guide, Privacy, Self-hosting

You've set up a home server, and are hosting some services like Vaultwarden, or Jellyfin, or perhaps Nextcloud. But now, you want to share it...

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Remap keyboard keys using evremap

21 May 2023 | Linux Guide

Sometimes a key on your keyboard stops working, and you may not have the time or motivation to fix it or get it fixed. Or...

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Proton VPN Linux Guide – How to install, configure, use and auto-connect?

19 May 2023 | Linux Guide, Privacy

The official Proton VPN Linux client lacks a lot of features, like changing the connection protocol, quickly connecting to the fastest server of a specific...

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